Amazon’s new app to compete with Clubhouse by allowing users to DJ their own radio show

The Covid-19 pandemic shined a light on new ways we receive content while being in our own homes. Many of these ways happened inside the music industry, one, in particular, being weekly online radio shows. Now Amazon is trying its hand inside the world of live audio. Their newest app in development will allow users to create and share a live radio show.

As reported by The Verge, Amazon aims to “democratize and reinvent the radio.” Listening can be done through Amazon’s music app, Audible and even Twitch. The app’s creation is to compete with the new public platform, Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a social app that utilizes the essence of voice chatting over blogging through messaging. People who use the app can create specific chat rooms that include people with similar interests. However, while music can be made through the app by using live audio, sharing popular music is still not an option or the focus.

This is where Amazon’s app will come in. According to The Verge, the app is under the codename “Project Mic.” The article also describes an example where the app’s homepage displays trending topics and lets users search for specific content by topic, creator or music. Anybody will have the opportunity to create their own show, but Amazon will be looking for big-name celebrities to promote the app on the initial launch. The Verge also states that while the app is music-oriented, it will also focus on three other aspects: pop culture, comedy and sports. The app will also aim to be localized, giving content to viewers based upon their location.

There is no announcement on when the app will be released or its final name.

Image Credit: StockSnap

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