Ameer Vann Is No Longer A Member of Brockhampton

When numerous allegations appeared about Brockhampton founding member, Ameer Vann, fans were upset as well as confused. Having already released three albums in one year, and with another on the way, how would the band deal with Vann's past behavior.

The answer came this morning, as Brockhampton has ficially announced that they've kicked Vann out the band for good.

Earlier this month, it was reported that several women had come forward with stories about Vann's toxic behavior, with claims ranging from engaging in emotional abuse to dating an underage girl. Vann did apologize for his past actions, saying that he had been seeking help for some time, but denied every having criminally harmed anyone or sleeping with a minor.

Kevin Abstract, the band's leader, took to Instagram Live recently to confirm that they were delaying the release their upcoming album, Puppy, until they'd dealt with their family business, and it seems they've finally come to a conclusion.

The message states that the group had been lied to, and they were sorry for not speaking up sooner. They also mention that they've cancelled all their upcoming shows on their current U.S. tour in order to regroup.

While that's likely disappointing to fans who were excited to see the group, it's only understandable. Having to deal with the trauma finding out one your friends was an abuser is not easy. Not to mention, there's still the matter the songs that Vann already recorded for their upcoming album. See the entire statement below.

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