Anderson Paak’s Free Nationals Announce Song Featuring Mac Miller & Kali Uchis

Mac Miller's posthumous output has been minimal, for all the right reasons. That's because, leading up to his death, his closest collaborators doubled as his friends. Nobody likes to do wrong by their friends, even for a dollar - even in the music industry. Interchangeability isn't always what it seems.

It remains implanted in the minds of Mac Miller's closest collaborators, especially in the possession of unpublished material bearing his song accreditation. Madlib is a good example of the difficult questions that arise when you mix friendship with artistic collaboration. In February it was reported that Madlib was sitting on the suggestively titled "Maclib" demo reels - in a total and utter state of ambivalence regarding a prospective release for the project. In good faith, Madlib will come to his sense, one way or another, after doing a little clam digging on the subject.

As for the cache of material Mac produced with friend Anderson. Paak, the crux of the conversation is quite similar. Little over an hour ago, Paak announced that his band Free Nationals were putting out a single titled "Time" in the coming days; Wednesday the 12th of June, to be exact. As you can see in the above cover relic, "Time" will feature contributions from Kali Uchis, Mac Miller, and of course, the groups' bandleader Anderson. Paak. Keep it locked for the drop.

Anderson Paak's Free Nationals Announce Song Featuring Mac Miller & Kali Uchis

Frank Hoensch/Redferns Getty Images


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