Anderson .Paak's New Album Is Done, Dr. Dre Announces

The wait for Anderson .Paak's forthcoming project, Oxnard Ventura is very real. Fans have been waiting for the project for a hot minute at this point and we've been getting bits of updates over the course of the summer. Anderson previously hinted at an August release earlier in the year but clearly, that wasn't the case. Thankfully, Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak just revealed that the project in finally done.

Dr. Dre took to Instagram to reveal that he's done mixing Anderson .Paak's upcoming album. It was announced in early July that Dr. Dre began mixing the album. Dre's a perfectionist so it's pretty shocking that in a little over two months he mixed the project to his liking.

Dr. Dre posted a picture of himself and Anderson .Paak while holding a hat that read, "Oxnard" across it.

"Just finished mixing the album. It’s a celebration bitches!!" Dre wrote on Instagram. 

.Paak also made the announcement on social media. He took to both Twitter and Instagram to share the same photo with the caption, "Album Done. Time to bring it home."

Anderson .Paak led the campaign for Oxnard Ventura earlier this year with the release of his single, "Bubblin" featuring Busta Rhymes. It later received a remix from Canada's Kaytranada. Shortly after, the single sparked the viral "Bubblin' Challenge" across the internet.

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