Apple Halves iPhone X Production After Disappointing Holiday Sales

The iPhone X was expected to be a huge game-changer for Apple with many the new features it was said to fer. Holiday sales were expected to be great but after sales declining, Apple has decided action.

According to recent reports, Apple is looking to cut current production targets 40 million units in the quarter to half totaling 20 million units as inventories have swelled. The production cuts are also expected to “have a domino effect on manufacturers” supplying parts for the iPhone X, with a likely impact totaling billions dollars.

One possible reason behind this move is being attributed to the slowdown on their expected shifts from LED to OLED screens. Other reports coming out are forecasting that Apple plans to release a larger OLED version the iPhone X and a mid-range LED model later this year, creating another a possible reason for the production cut.

It seems as though Apple may discontinue the initial iPhone X model rather than lower the selling price on the device reports are suggest.

If the iPhone X model is phased out soon, this would be similar to what Apple did with the iPhone 5C years back. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what further changes Apple makes to the iPhone X.


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