Ariana Grande & Boyfriend Pete Davidson Spotted Together For First Time

Ariana Grande's break-up with Mac Miller shocked many earlier this month as the pair did not reveal any signs their relationship crumbling. With Ariana since noting that her pairing with Mac Miller was "toxic," the Pittsburgh rapper got into some trouble after crashing his car during a DUI incident. Fans were quick to speculate that Mac was on a downward spiral and, although he remained quiet for most the month, the rapper resurfaced with three new songs this morning to surprise his supporters. As Ariana moves on from her ex, she is reportedly already cuddling up to a new man in comedian Pete Davidson and the two were finally pictured together for the first time last night.

While Pete and Ariana's relationship has been discussed at large over the course the last two weeks, the two still had not been pictured together. Aside from Pete's tattooed arm making an appearance in his rumored girlfriend's Instagram story, there was little evidence to support the speculation their relationship status. Finally, Ariana and Pete posed in a photo together last night at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, hanging alongside fellow funnyman Chris D'Elia. The SNL cast member performed on stage last night and Ariana came out to support, much like Pete did during one her performances "No Tears Left To Cry" this month.

As the two continue to move forward together, Ariana seems to be happy with her new romantic interest. Check out the photo below.

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