Ariana Grande Posts Pool Pic With Nicki Minaj For One Year Anniversary Of Single "Bed"

Today marks one year since Ariana Grande collaborated, once again, with rap - icon, and good friend, Nicki Minaj, on their hit single "Bed." The pair dropped off the video accompanying their single last year, which featured the two of them enjoying some girl time on what looked like a vacation on an island, having the time of their lives as they swam (but mainly twerked and posed sexily) in a pool that they made into their own personal bubble bath. 

Ari took to Instagram just 3 hours ago to post a cute picture of her embracing Minaj from behind, as she stuck her tongue out playfully and Nicki did a kissy face. It looked to have been shot during the behind-the-scenes of the video shoot, with the both of them wearing the same outfit they sported in the video (and a snippet of the pool that was featured in the video as well).

This comes after news of Ari performing for the first time since her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller's, death in his hometown of Pittsburgh. We reported that the young singer was unable to utter Mac's name for her "Thank U, Next." performance, as she seemingly broke down on stage. Her fans came clutch though, as they immediately noticed and helped support her in (singing the words of the song for her, so that it wasn't a complete disaster).

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