Armin van Buuren Lights Up United Center During Chicago Bulls Halftime Performance

Over the weekend, Armin van Buuren joined the Chicago Bulls on the court during their game against the Knicks, but the 6'2'' producer didn't quite make his NBA debut in the traditional sense.

He did, however, light up the Bulls' home of the United Center with a halftime DJ set that brought over 20,000 fans to their feet. van Buuren opened with a surefire favorite, the Bulls' introduction theme, which was famously remixed by Pretty Lights a decade ago.

From there, van Buuren introduced a pumping kick drum and arpeggiated bassline before transitioning the dance cadence into some of his own music, such as "Blah Blah Blah" and "No Fun."

The Bulls rolled out the red mats for the trance music legend as the team's dedicated tumbling team and cheerleading squad performed a series of awe-inspiring flips and stunts in rapid succession.

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Armin van Buuren Lights Up United Center During Chicago Bulls Halftime Performance

The trance music legend soundtracked a series of gravity-defying stunts on the court of the United Center.

"Last night felt like a childhood dream come true, as I’ve been a longtime fan and also followed the recent Netflix series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls," van Buuren said. "It was a great honor to do a special halftime show and I’m still buzzing from the performance."

van Buuren was originally in Chicago for a performance at the historic Aragon Ballroom on the 20th, but evidently the DJ was in no immediate rush and stuck around an extra day to deliver the buzz-worthy United Center set.



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