Artist Speaks Out Against All-Male Lineup… Even Though He's On It

Jumanji Festival has come under fire this year for its lack female representation on the lineup… at all.

The traveling Aussie fest features Lil Wayne, Tyga, Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard, Wale, and many more — the lineup is totally stacked. However, it’s also totally male.

One act, Midas.Gold decided to speak up on the matter. Here is his :

While I’m super stoked that I’m on a bill with one my idols, I do recognise the lack female talent on this bill, I want y’all to know that I accepted this gig with no prior knowledge who else was being booked (besides the first round announcements) and while I’m stupid grateful that they reached out to me I do feel the need to say something, silence in compliance, I don’t think this is a fair representation our scene & rap music globally something I do feel strongly about on different levels & I hope the people at Jumanji Festival can see this & what it might imply intended or not intended.

Speaking to , Jumanji Festival is at least acknowledging the problem and strives to do better next year. Here is the music festival’s response:

The organisers the Jumanji Festival would firstly like to acknowledge and apologise for the lack female artists on the festival this year. It was always our intention to provide the best possible line-up entertainment across both genders and every effort was made to secure both male and female acts for this festival. Several high prile international female artists were approached and were either unavailable or not within our budget. We opted to secure the best possible artists irrespective gender that appeal to the Australian hip hop audience and we are committed to delivering an amazing experience for our patrons. We have acknowledged the feedback online and will ensure there is a stronger female presence on our festival in 2019.

Well, they recognized the issue and the lineup is still pretty killer… So to get more info and tickets for Jumanji Festival, go . Expect much more female talent on the roster in 2019!

Jumanji Festival 2018 Lineup

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