Asian Da Brat Claims A$AP Ferg Goofed By Taking Her Off "Wigs"

Yesterday, A$AP Ferg announced Floor Seats, his upcoming album set to arrive at an undisclosed time. Yet the wheels are already in motion, as evidenced by the arrival of his latest single "Wigs," featuring Yung Miami and ANTHA. And while the song serves its intended purpose as is, it would appear that the track was originally meant to be longer. In fact, Asian Da Brat actually contributed a verse, as documented by a video she shared Twitter. Alongside the clip, she proclaims her disappointment in her removal, playfully inferring that Ferg will rue the day he made the decision.

The clip itself provides a glimpse at what she was serving up, leaving fans to decide whether or not Ferg made the right call in leaving her on the cutting room floor. As it stands, it's unclear as to why he ultimately decided to remove Asian Da Brat from the track, but at the very least, there doesn't appear to be any bad blood between the parties; sometimes, the good of the song comes before an individual's ego.

What do you think, did Ferg make a mistake in removing Asian Da Brat from "Wigs?" Sound off below.

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