Astronaut to become first ever person to DJ in outer space

Many DJs played at iconic Ibiza venue Space and there was once a cheeky rumour that Jeff Mills might head up to actual outer space to get behind the decks. That never transpired, but the never-done-before feat is happening soon.

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano will be playing the first ever DJ set in outer space on August 13 as promoter BigCityBeats partners up with the European Space Agency for the World Club Dome (WCD) series to take club music to the International Space Station.

BigCityBeats founder Bernd Breiter believes the unique collaboration will "combine entertainment, and all of the power of feeling good and excitement, with the most incredible science of space exploration." He added: "In space, there are no borders."

Parmitano began taking lessons from WCD resident DJ Le Shuuk with a WCD DJ booth that was recreated in the Columbus module training area. He departed Earth for the mission on July 20. That means he's got plenty of time up there to prep a tracklist surely containing The Prodigy's 'Out Of Space', Jamiroquai's 'Space Cowboy' or even a nu-disco edit of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'.

The set will be transmitted live to thousands aboard the WCD Cruise Edition, a four-day cruise that will be moored in Ibiza by that time. It's a shame Carl Cox's Space Ibiza recreation won't be ready in time...

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