At The Cross Roads Of Indie, Pop And Electronic, PRXZM Debuts 'Come Alive' EP

PRXZM is a little duo that I only recently became familiar with. Immediately I was drawn to the seemingly honest nature their productions. Each track that I would listen to had an authentic quality about it. PRXZM was never trying to replicate the success other similar groups. Instead, they were focusing on paving the way with their unique and captivating sound. After a series impressive singles the duo that met during their classes at Indiana University have released their very first EP, Come Alive.

PRXZM – ‘Come Alive' EP

The group comprises Nick and Emma. A producer and a vocalist. Come Alive gives ample opportunities for both parties to shine brightly. It seems that the duo traded on and f on records in terms whether the production or the vocals would be the featured elements. This is a piece what makes PRXZM stand out as unique. In the opening notes each track, you are not sure what you are going to get. But there are constants – soaring synths, sultry if not playful lyrics, and course a heavy dose emotion.

Things don't get much better than ‘Through The Night' on Come Alive. The bold, euphoric melody Nick was able to create for this tune is on the levels what M83 was able to accomplish on ‘Midnight City' many moons ago. Emma's natural talent as a lyricist is more clear than ever on this track as her vocals keep the track grounded through the sky-high synths.

While PRXZM is still finding their footing in the world electronic music, their sound is incredibly accessible. Merging genres and sounds, pulling inspiration from all corners music, and course being unapologetically themselves – PRXZM are definitely ones to watch as 2018 continues to play out. Check out the EP below.

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