"Atlanta" Star Zazie Beetz Admits "Deadpool 2" Role Was A "Huge Adjustment"

Zazie Beetz is best known for portraying Vanessa on the hit FX series Atlanta alongside Donald Glover. Her performance in the critically-acclaimed series caught the attention Ryan Reynolds, who ultimately requested she be cast in the forthcoming Deadpool 2. However, a part in a physically-demanding Hollywood blockbuster comes with a price. 

Opening up about her role as Domino in the highly-anticipated sequel, which is slated to debut in theatres this Friday, Beetz notes how all the hours spent in the gym left a sour taste in her mouth. "I learned more than ever that I don’t like working out," she admits. "To make a distinction, I hate weight training, and I kind enjoyed fight training, it’s a lot more a mental engagement. It’s a full body thing, there’s variation so that was a lot more interesting for me."

Beetz eventually found a silver lining with the whole experience. "It’s also interesting to have to push yourself so much and see where that mentally takes you and emotionally takes you. It was a huge adjustment. But also I kept thinking, this is my job right now and I have to do this to do the best work that I can," she reveals. 

After months intense workouts, Beetz confesses that she was anxious to put her newfound physicality to use. "On my first day doing action I was so nervous because I was like ‘Oh God I hope this has paid f. We had been working so much, and I was thinking hopefully it’ll look good and I remember doing the first take and then seeing the playback and I was like 'it’s f***ing amazing!"

Elsewhere, Beetz presses how she still feels uneasy about co-starring in a massive franchise that will significantly elevate her public notoriety. "I’ve been talking a lot to my boyfriend actor David Rysdahl] about this, we both feel, because it affects the both us, that we’re crossing this bridge that we’re burning down that we can’t go back."

Co-star Josh Brolin fered some sage words advice for dealing with fame, telling Beetz "in the end it’s a choice in how you do your day-to-day and to take it with a light foot and to not take it all so seriously."

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