Avicii's Former Manager Reacts To The Late Swedish Producer

Ash Pournouri, the longtime manager Avicii, has shared a heartfelt message following the Swedish producer's sudden death on April 20.

“Shock. Grief. Anger. Rage. Apathy. Despair. Misery. Pain. Pain. Pain.,” Pournouri writes. “I don't even know what this feeling is called. You were my family. My brother. My Friend. My ally. Part my heart. Now that's gone. I've never experienced deep sadness like this.”

Ash continued to mourn Tim Bergling (Avicii) on Facebook but has since removed the public option for his post.

Ash Pournouri discovered Tim Bergling at 18 years age in 2008. While doing club promotion and law school, Pournouri expanded his music endeavors into At Night Management, AshAlliance booking agency, and later the PRMD record label. Avicii and Pournouri went their separate ways in 2016.

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