Avicii’s iconic anthem ‘Hey Brother’ turns 8 years old

Leaving behind a lasting legacy like no other, Avicii ensured that his memory would live through the endless masterpieces which he blessed us all with. With the Swedish icon’s passing back in April 2018, fans and fellow artists would no longer be able to witness the master at work, and in turn, his music has become some sort of a nostalgic element that helps us keep Avicii in our thoughts as time passes by. Marking 8 years today since the release of ‘Hey Brother,’ a cross-over single that has turned into a timeless classic, we can’t help but feel the sense of nostalgia.

Well-known and loved for tracks such as ‘Wake Me Up,’ ‘Seek Bromance,’ and ‘Levels,’ Avicii has left behind a catalog of music that has reached an eternal status. Falling in the same category, a track that became somewhat of controversy for the direction of sound chosen by the man himself, ‘Hey Brother’ would go on and showcase the genius of this exceptional mind. Turning 8 years old, Avicii’s take on a track with elements of heavy country, western and blues, further enhanced his musical prowess, as any doubts around ‘Hey Brother’ when it was first released were all silenced by the success of this ever-lasting track!

Versatile as anyone can be in the electronic dance industry, Avicii would once again establish his status as one of EDM’s greatest ambassadors! On the 8th anniversary of one of the most influential tracks produced by the Swedish legend, we would like to pay tribute to ‘Hey Brother’, with Avicii being in our thoughts for now and always. Relive this iconic track below, as it is more than certain that Avicii will never fade into darkness.

Image credit: BACKGRID

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