Avicii's step-father reportedly blames the artist's manager for his death

Avicii's stepfather, Tommy Körberg, spoke out about the artist's death in a recent interview, blaming Avicii's management for pushing the DJ to perform at such a high rate.

Since Avicii's sudden death from an apparent suicide in April 2018, various figures in the dance music industry have commented on who or what was to blame for the tragedy, with many describing how the fast-paced lifestyle of the dance music industry was difficult for the artist to cope with.

Now Avicii's stepfather, Tommy Körberg, recently spoke with the Swedish podcast 'Värvet' to share his thoughts on what possibly lead Avicii to take his own life. Speaking in Swedish, Körberg remarked on how the artist's management was so eager to book an excess amount of gigs, which added a great deal of pressure.

“You do not book 900 gigs in eight years for a young man,” Körberg said. “It was very unfortunate. When I worked in London there was such pressure, but there were replacements that could enter. That wasn’t the case in his industry. So many people depended on him. If he did not work then they have no jobs, it’s not good.”

“If [Avicii] had a professional artist company, he would be alive today. When greed and stupidity go hand in hand, anything can happen, especially unfortunate things. There is no wicked damn man who records 900 gigs in eight years, think about flipping around there,” continued Körberg.

For much of Avicii's career he was managed by Ash Pournouri, a manager, record producer, songwriter and record executive.

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