AWAKE Croatia releases 2020 aftermovie, announces re-brand for 2021 edition

Were you at AWAKE in Croatia last year? If you were, then you’ll want to watch the aftermovie which has just been released. Even if you weren’t, then it is still essential viewing. One of the only events that took place in Europe last year, they were joined with an all-star trance lineup, the likes of Paul van DykAly & Fila and Ferry Corsten in attendance. Taking place in the tropical and sunny location of Zrce Beach, they’re now gearing up for the return of their 2021 event and along with it comes many changes.


Announced the other day, AWAKE Croatia are re-branding. Stated on their Facebook page, this is the reason for their re-brand:

We have been quiet for some time now, after we found out that there is another festival called AWAKE in Romania, which happened almost immediately after we finished the edition in Croatia. We started promoting this lovely music in 2016 in Germany and did numerous amazing parties. Our team became international in 2019 when the wish was born to take the brand out to the world and organise a 4 day festival on the coast of Croatia. Since we always wanted our journey to be unique, there was no sense in having two festivals with the same name, so we decided to change ours. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to change the name overnight, so it took us months of thinking, brainstorming, designing and preparing the main visual… finally when we thought it was all done, were ready to post the aftermovie and begin our new journey, we needed to spend weeks re-evaluating the whole pandemic situation.
A new magical journey is starting & we are super excited to finally reveal our new brand name and logo next week along with the dates for this summer.
Image credit: AWAKE Croatia (via Facebook
Also listing the reasons to look forward to their 2021 edition, they have stated a few reasons why AWAKE Croatia is set to go ahead this year. The first reason is vaccinations are going ahead at a rapid pace, with over 80 million doses being given and most European countries being on track to have vaccinated the majority of their populations by June. Second of all, Covid restrictions are loosening in many European countries with a third wave of the virus coming to an end, on track to be gone or nearly gone by the summer. Covid passports and test centres are also helping tourism, with places such as Ibiza and festivals seeing the use of them to help bring back events and tourism. Finally, new and regular flights have been introduced to Croatia by flight company Ryanair.
With all this information, it’s safe to say that AWAKE Croatia is going to be the party of the summer for trance fans. Dates for this year are coming soon, but will likely be in August with last year’s edition taking place 20-23 of August. Visit the website here and gear up for what will be an unmissable event full of trance. Don’t forget to also watch the aftermovie below.
Image credit: AWAKE Croatia (via Facebook)

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