Axwell / Ingrosso Have Been Dropping An Absolutely Buck Wild ID In Their Sets: LISTEN

One the biggest storylines 2018 has been the return Swedish House Mafia. The trio reunited at Ultra Miami and immediately the world went crazy with Swedish fever. It was only this past weekend that we finally got the news that Swedish House Mafia would be ficially touring in 2019…until then we have to enjoy the parts Swedish House Mafia instead the whole. While Steve Angello stunned the masses with his massive LP, Human, Axwell//Ingrosso have been dropping heat their own.

New Axwell//Ingrosso IDs Dropping In Sets

In two their past shows – one in NYC and one in Prague, Axwell and Ingrosso have been opened up with a truly massive ID. The tune is minimalist big room and goes insanely hard. It shows that they are holding nothing back even with the full reunion in the near future. Swedish House Mafia is only as good as it's parts, and Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello are all dropping some their best in years.

Check out the ID below courtesy a or who took the time to screengrab it from their Instagram story.

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