Azealia Banks "No Longer Wants To Exchange Energy With Clueless Millennial Hipsters"

Azealia Banks has been dragged through thick and thin by the media consortium, so it's no surprise she had this to say about the journalist assigned her story: "I'm realizing that a lot journalists romanticize about getting the opportunity to misunderstand me. Here’s to hoping the interview gods send me someone intelligent, bright, interesting and charismatic to talk to. I would like to feel as though I’m gaining something from the person interviewing me. An exchange energy with Someone on my level."

Of course the irony her statement lies in the fact she is alternately generalizing the other side the equation. Azealia refers to modern day journalist as "Clueless Millennial Hipsters" but one has to assume she is guilty placating culture as well, as a member the LGBTQ community, or with Hardcore rap, ballroom culture, one vestige after the other.

On a level misrepresentation I do sympathize with Azealia. Her Instagram account has become a necessary tool in her continuous character defense. Azealia Banks ends her rant on a hopeful note, wishing her Gen Z audience can deliver where past interviewers have grossly failed. 

Her video for "Treasure Island" is scheduled for July 13th, her album still without a release date.

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