Azealia Banks Wants To Do Something "Slutty" For Her Birthday On Friday

Azealia Banks recently teased an upcoming song of hers that's all kinds of NSFW. "Said you wanna be my boyfriend/But you better make me c*m/Got the pinkest p***y/And you know that p***y warm/I just wanna keep you hard/I don't wanna miss a minute," she spits on the song. Now just a few days later the "212" singer is still in the same mood since sharing on Instagram that her born day is approaching and she wants to do something about it. 

"My birthday is on Friday and I wanna do something slutty," she wrote and shared to her feed. We can't predict what exactly Azealia has in store to ring in her 28th year, but by her recent comment (and recent song teaser) she's is in a mood.

In other news surrounding the sometimes controversial rapper, she recently showed her opposing colors when announcing her agreeance with Alabama's anti-abortion laws

"I actually see this as a blessing," Azealia began, in her post agreeing with the move. "Conservatives could care less about petty racism and more about having control of medical industry $ and endeavors. Abortions are a way for liberal back research teams to harvest free research material for stem-cell research among other weird shit."

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