"Bad Boys" Sequel Starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Gets Official Release Date

A sequel to Bad Boys 2 has been in the works for over a decade. The comedic action-packed thrilled is a classic, and was one the first films to showcase Michael Bay's penchant for blowing any and everything up. Since Bay has moved on to making cars transform and turning turtles into ninjas, and both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have matured, there has been little hope that a Bad Boys 3 would come to fruition. Originally, the film was slated to be released last year, but that didn't happen. Now, finally, Will Smith has signed on to the film (which Lawrence has eagerly been pitching for awhile), and a release date and synopsis has been revealed. 

According to Esquire ( The Hashtag Show), Bad Boys For Life will be released on January 17, 2020. The synopsis for the film goes as follows:

"The film will see Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett working as a private eye after a falling out with Smith’s Mike Lowery, who is going through a midlife crisis as a bachelor who finally wants to mature, all while dealing with a new a young and cocky partner who is loyal to Lowery but that loyalty is not reciprocated, and finds bond with Burnett when he returns to the fray. Lowery and Burnett are brought together again when a lean, mean, skilled, Albanian mercenary with a vendetta puts a death order on Lowery and Burnett for the death his brother. Now the two must work together once again to bring him down."

Along with the third Bad Boys film, a television series starring Gabrielle Union is set to continue the story her character from Bad Boys 2, Syd Burnet. The series is entitled L.A.’s Finest, and will also star Jessica Alba. They've got our attention. 

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