Bassnectar Unleashes HUGE 7 Song EP for New Side Project

Bassnectar is showing love to his fans today in the best possible way — with new music!

His much anticipated side project with Sayr has finally come to fruition, with the 7-track Enchanted EP from Naux Faux. Although this is a new concept, it’s also a throwback to how music used to feel.

File under: freestyle melodic electronica from the 1990’s. ?

This isn’t that in-your-face bass that new era Nectar has been all about in recent years. Instead, Enchanted is hella chilled out, st and magical, yet no less impactful than the heavier tracks bassheads know and love. Each song opens up its own world sonic beauty, as Bassnectar and Sayr perfectly play f one another. It’s a soundtrack to reflect to, vibe out to, or even meditate to…

Like a warm beam sunlight on a lazy afternoon, close your eyes and feel the sound wash over you.

Naux Faux – Enchanted

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