Bassnectar's Side Project EP Finally Receives a Release Date and Tracklist

Recently, Bassnectar's side project, Sayr, has finally set a release date for his new EP and it is much sooner than you would expect. Nau Faux, the EP, will be released this Valentines Day, February 14, enhancing your day with not only your love for one another but for music. It seems fitting that the EP would be released on this day, for it will have you falling in love with it's exquisite and flowing qualities. It is said that the new music piece will bring a sort nostalgia for long-time Bassnectar fans.

The side project was first revealed when the the dubstep DJ released “Psyopia” (Bassnectar Remix) f his latest EP, Reflective Part 2. Since then, fans have been eager to get some new music from the new side project, and thankfully, the day has finally come.

Are you excited for the new EP? Tell us what you expect in the comments below.

Check out the Tracklist the Nau Faux EP below.

1. Birds Of Paradox Intro]
2. Flip Gnosis
3. Enchanted
4. Coast To Coasters
5. Cherish Friendship
6. Psyopia
7. Birds Of Paradox Outro]

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