"Battlefield V" Scraps Loot Crates And Season Pass, All Updates Free

The Battlefield series rose to dominance at the same time the Call Duty series did. Both games were released within a year each other, and gamers soon found themselves favoring one or the other. As Battlefield evolved, developers EA Dice began to upgrade the combat. Gamers were thrust into realistic battles with different kinds drivable vehicles, air battles, and environments that were destroyed by grenades and other explosions. Soon, Battlefield became one the most popular shooters on gaming consoles. 

EA announced the latest title in the series, Battlefield V, on Wednesday. The new trailer has been stirring up some controversy online, with sensitive (and uneducated) fans the series claiming that the woman character is historically inaccurate. EA has also chosen to place a female soldier on the cover and confused gamers began to erroneously imply that women did not fight in WWII (they were also met with backlash when they put a Black soldier on the cover their last game). 

Despite the ignorant response by a few misguided internet warriors, Battlefield V is highly anticipated. After the overwhelming resentment EA received from implementing loot crates into their games, the company opted to leave game purchases alone altogether. While players can still grab cosmetics, upgrades and new maps will be free for all players. While Battlefield V won't follow the battle royale video game trend, they are including their "Tides War" multiplayer game which spreads the battle out over several maps that will include new challenges, events, and rewards. The story mode will continue in the same fashion as Battlefield 1, which followed several different players in separate armies to paint a larger picture. 

Battlefield V drops on October 19 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

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