Beatport introduces new ‘Mainstage’ genre, a blend of Big Room, Electro & Future House

The online music store giant, Beatport, has officially released their newest genre page on their website. The genre is referred to as “Mainstage” and will blend the sounds of Big Room, Electro House, and Future House all into one category.

The new gene comes as a much-welcomed addition to the brand as Beatport did not necessarily have a dedicated page to festival-ready music. One would either have to search through various subgenres or take their chances finding tracks on the Electro Pop page.

In a press release, Beatport says the genre pays homage to “high-energy sounds of the festival mainstage” and “celebrates a diverse range of dance music fit for a sold-out crowd filled with the most dedicated ravers.”

As the three genres once had their separate pages. A question arises from people who use the service. Will all the previous playlists and charts remain on the new page? Fear not the answer is yes. All the previous playlists from the Big Room, Electro, and Future House pages have been transferred over and can be found in their respective categories. This includes all past individual artist playlists and the popular “Best New” monthly playlist from Beatport.

Whether you use Beatport to purchase music for yourself or use Beatport Link for your DJ needs, this addition of “Mainstage” will make browsing easier and reduce search times. Beatport continues to supply users with the largest collection of electronic music and with the introduction of “Mainstage” the collection just got bigger.

Image Credit: Beatport/ MainStage Front Page

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