Beatport launches a DJ web app for artists

The American music-oriented online store, Beatport contains one of the biggest music catalogs in the world. Beatport’s Top 100 chart is highly appreciated within the dance music industry as well as the individual top 10 chart lists of every genre. Beatport recently acquired one of the biggest sample pack and plugin marketplace in the world called Loopmasters & Plugin Boutique to enlarge their audience. Beatport launches a DJ web app, as their newest addition to their catalog, to take the DJ experience to a higher level.

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Beatport DJ is a web-based DJ software offering every DJ the possibility to browse through Beatport’s music library, build their own playlists, and create a performance-ready DJ set. The new app contains a lot of features such as tempo adjustment, effects, filters, and cue points to improve the workflow. Onboard tutorial videos will learn you the fundamentals of this DJ web app, while the newest automix feature will do the mixing for you with just 1 click.

Beatport’s Senior Vice President, Romain Pouillon said the following:

“It will be beneficial to music creators and record labels as it fuels increased streaming royalties as well as accelerate the mass-adoption of our LINK subscription service which will also benefit our trusted DJ software and hardware partners. It is a one-of-a-kind tool for inspiring a generation of new DJs who can start mixing right from their laptops web browser at on day one.”

This DJ web app will be linked with partners such as Pioneer DJ Rekordbox, Denon Engine OS, and Serato DJ to optimize the transfer of your music to all of the other major DJ softwares. Last but not least, the ability to connect MIDI through USB and Bluetooth from Beatport’s hardware partners will make this web app a complete DJ experience package. World-class DJ/producers Pete Tong and Tiësto also shared their thoughts about Beatport DJ:

Pete Tong: “This is a game-changing product that will instantly redefine music discovery for DJs.”

Tiësto: “A breakthrough! This is an incredible innovation for DJs of all experience levels.”


Beatport DJ is currently available to all existing LINK subscribers (including LINK, LINK PRO, and LINK PRO +). Make sure to try out the free 30-day trial of any LINK subscription tier before diving straight into the web app.


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Image Credit: Beatport


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