BeauDamian’s Unique Journey Culminates In Bass-Heavy EP, “Iarumas, The Cybernated Rōnin”

Four years in the works, the Tokyo-based artist’s latest conceptual project is an impressive one.

Whether you’re creating or listening to it, music’s cathartic properties are undisputed.

This is one of the feelings multi-faceted artist BeauDamian was seeking during the initial development of his brand new EP four years ago. Unapologetically heavy and experimental, Iarumas, The Cybernated Rōnin is out now and serves as the culmination of a unique story.

The Dutch artist received widespread acclaim and toured internationally throughout the late 2010s off the back of melodic releases on labels such as bitbird and STMPD RCRDS. But his new EP finds him dealing with feelings of separation from his old label families and his former manager, as well as his audience due to pandemic-enforced show cancellations. 

BeauDamian’s feelings of anxiety and frustration are on full display throughout the EP, which—apart from the intimate storytelling and narration from himself and Zay Yafai— offers more than a handful of explosive bass music gems.

Iarumas, The Cybernated Rōnin.


Tracks such as “Twilight Rage” and “The Homicide” weave through distorted sound design and crisp drums while others, like “The Awakening of Iarumas” and “Say Goodbye,” combine ruthless sound design with BeauDamian’s more recent orchestral sensibilities.

Talented Japanese bass music producers Fellsius, Masayoshi Iimori and NUU$HI wrap up the project in impressive fashion, delivering three high-caliber remixes.

According to a press release, Iarumas, The Cybernated Rōnin follows the story of a female robotic child who is held captive as an experiment by her creator, and features illustration by Evann Nyack and Nathan Da Conceicao.

Having recently graduated from Berklee College of Music and found his footing within the music industry for TV dramas, commercials, video games and other media, BeauDamian is gearing up to explore his unique musical identity in new exciting ways throughout 2023.



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