Bellator President Says 50 Cent Has A "New Album Dropping In About 6 Weeks”

Over the past few days, rumors have been starting pick up momentum that 50 Cent could be trying to get a deal done with Bellator MMA to possibly get in the ring to fight. Many photos 50 Cent & Ballator President, Scott Coker, have been surfacing online over the past couple weeks, with Fif even alluding to the rumor himself over the weekend, “if we can get this right, it would be big” he tweeted out.

Well following Saturday night’s fight, Bellator President was participating in a press conference where he spilled the news that 50 Cent is releasing a new album in about 6 six weeks.

“Yeah, he’s got a new album dropping in about six weeks,” Coker said when asked about his possible deal with 50 Cent. “It’s like, look, he loves MMA. And when a big star like that loves MMA and wants to be involved, it just makes a lot sense. And he wanted to come and check it out. This was his first time to a Bellator fight,” he added.

Its unclear if Coker was just joking about the album release or if he knows something we don’t, but he definitely said it and would know right now.

Check out Coker’s comments around the 5:50 mark (below) and sound f in the comments. Are you even wanting to hear new music from 50 Cent?

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