Belly Says He Lost Weight So He Could Try On Clothes At The Mall

Belly's life has changed completely since he first entered the music industry back in the early 2000's. Not only has he reinvigorated his career after a long hiatus by signing with The Weeknd's XO label, but he's also changed a lot physically as well. 

When Belly first came on the scene his name wasn't just for show. While not the biggest guy in the rap game by a long shot, it was still enough for him to consider making a change in his life, but probably not for the reasons you think. During an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood, Belly revealed the actual motivation that got him to lose weight: buying clothes at the mall. 

"It was walking in the stores and buying clothes, man," Belly says. "I know it sounds shallow or whatever. But honestly, just going to the mall with the homies sometimes, seeing stuff that I want and being like, 'I know I can't get that.'"

Belly's motivations for shedding pounds aren't as shallow as he thinks, and it's impressive that he's managed to make such a drastic change. Although, he does admit that he was happy when the Cozy Boy trend came around, as he still can't handle some the skinny pants that rappers wear nowadays. 

Belly also goes on to say that his first rap name was actually Big Boy, which could have cause some issues with the Outkast Big Boi, as well as the guy interviewing him on the show.

Check out the whole interview with Belly down below.

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