Belly Talks Jay-Z's Role In Shaping New "Midnight Zone" Album

Fresh f the drop his recent Weeknd collaboration "What You Want," XO slash Roc Nation rapper has continued his press run with a stop on The Cruz Show. Now, with his upcoming album Midnight Zone set to arrive in the imminent future, Belly has opened up about Jay-Z's role in shaping the project. After reflecting on Jay's request to hear the project, Belly reveals that the Jigga Man essentially "put his hands in the album." He elaborates, stating "he loved the album from the beginning, you know....'ma be bias about certain stuff that I want people to hear first, and it's my first real debut on this side. For me it's like a big deal, and there's a lot pressure involved in decision making." 

"You know how much I idolize Jay," says Belly. "For him to come in the studio...he kind like reordered the album, and it made the whole album sound different. I was honored by that. He was like 'you're on a vibe right now, so make more music.'"  Belly revealed that Jay actually told him to extend the album; even though Belly had originally meant to include nine or ten, Jay seemed determined to prolong the affair, citing a wave inspiration.

Belly also has a fanboy moment, where he geeks out Jay-Z reacting to his punchlines. It's an endearing interview, especially if you're invested in the creative endeavors the legendary HOV. Peep Belly's appearance in full below (Jay talk basically starts f the jump), and stay tuned for that Midnight Zone. 

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