Ben Simmons Is Annoyed With The Paparazzi Amid Kendall Jenner Relationship

Ben Simmons is dating one of the most famous women in America. The NBA Rookie of the Year has been tied to Kendall Jenner, and we all know what dating a Kardashian can do for your profile. Although Simmons was a star before they started dating, the increased attention that comes with dating Jenner is certainly on another level. Simmons sat down on Australia's The Project on Friday, and spoke candidly about dealing with paparazzi.

Host Waleed Al asked Simmons what it was like to be hounded by paparazzi, to which he responded, "'It is what it is." He then hinted at his relationship with Jenner. "'It just depends who you hang, what circles you're in. But for me, to hang out and chill. I never tried to let that bother me or anybody else bother what I do." 

"I know every time I step out of the house, in America, or the word, somebody's watching," he continued. "Somebody's got a phone, has a camera and what I do could be out there. It's natural for me. I know if I go and get a piece of chicken down the street and walk there, somebody is going to ask for a photo, or say 'what's up,' 100 percent of the time."


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