Benzino Arrested For Outstanding Warrant, Accuses Officers Of Racism: Report

Hip hop executive and record producer Benzino recently had an unfortunate run-in with the law. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is known for his less than favorable reality television appearances alongside ex-fiancée Althea Heart, but he's laid low and stayed away from the highly publicized drama as of late. However, TMZ reports that things took a turn on Saturday in Atlanta.

According to their report, Benzino was parked in the middle of the street blocking lanes, so a passing cop ran his plates. There was a hit for a warrant because Benzino allegedly received a traffic ticket for driving without insurance back in April and never showed up to court. The officer on the scene told Benzino why he ran the plates, but the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars star is claiming that racism played a part in his arrest.

Benzino Arrested For Outstanding Warrant, Accuses Officers Of Racism: Report
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Nevertheless, a second officer reported to the scene and Benzino was taken into custody. The police report states that it was then that Benzino began using profanity, and on the ride to jail he repeatedly said: "I am feeling faint." He kept asking for water, but the officer told him once they got to the jail he could get something to drink. When they arrived, they contacted an ambulance to make sure he wasn't ill. Benzino rejected the offer to be taken to the hospital but did tell officers that his handcuffs were too tight.

He was booked for failure to appear and later released. Earlier this year, Benzino was sentenced to two years probations after pleading guilty to felony drugs charges.

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