Berlin to allow indoor dancing for people vaccinated and recently recovered from Covid-19

As of August 20th, Berlin will allow those who are either fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid-19 to engage in indoor dancing. The decision comes from the Administrative Court of Berlin in what they stated to be an urgent decision. However, the dance ban still applies to those who are not vaccinated, as proof of a negative test will not be accepted.

Outdoor events have taken place in Germany since June 18th, while indoor venues continue to be restricted. The overturning of the ban comes after a lawsuit filed by a disco club owner. RBB reports that according to the court, the government imposed the dance ban to curb the spread of the virus, but “it should be assessed ‘expectedly disproportionate’ with regard to vaccinated and recovered persons.”

The decision comes after Berlin hosted a series of “test” events in six venues (Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Kitkat, SO36, Crack Bellmer, Festsaal Kreuzberg and Metropol.) earlier this month. The results of the events determined the safety of reopening nightclubs in the city. The shows saw 2,000 volunteers participate in an unmasked and non-distanced setting.

To learn more about the current restrictions and measures in place in Berlin, click here. 


Image Credit: Berghain/DDW

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