Best* launches official Top 100 DJs and producers chart has just launched an official top 100 chart of DJs and producers. Best*’s list is not your ordinary Top 100 chart, as they are the first to take into account real-time data reported daily based on major streaming and music downloading platforms, which reflects as the real numbers each Top 100 artist is achieving day in, day out.

Within the past year, Best*’s team have developed a platform that is able to analyze all the data reported daily through complex algorithms that are processing each artist minute by minute.  The team behind this new official chart believes that this specific system will give up and coming artists the recognition that they deserve, as their software monitors all streams and downloads. “We have always been passionate about electronic music, and we know that there are lots of underrated artists in the scene whose numbers in terms of streams or sales are actually larger than most popular artists”, a rep from Best* says, adding that “no matter how big or small their fan bases are and no matter how efficient their press offices are, the only thing that matters is how good their music is”

As of today, the top five of the Top 100 DJs and producers on their list includes Marshmello securing the number one spot, David Guetta second, Diplo in third, Calvin Harris fourth, and Tiësto fifth.

The chart is updated daily, you can find it here.

Image Credit: Billboard

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