Best SoundCloud Gate For Accelerating Music Producer's Social Growth

While many today's bedroom producers are looking to build a fanbase, there are quite a few websites for producers that have made it easier for music producers to do just that. While there are many different ways for artists to grow their following, the SoundCloud download gate may be one the most popular methods among the different tools.

What Is A Download Gate?

A SoundCloud download gate is essentially where an artist can fer free downloads for their songs in exchange for either a social media follower or a share from the downloader. So instead artists releasing their songs for free right there on SoundCloud, many artists have built their social media and SoundCloud fanbases based on their ability to give away free downloads in order for an action. Whether you want to choose to Follow AND Repost on SoundCloud or Follow on Spotify options, these fan gates are great ways to grow every musician's fanbase.

While there are quite a few different download gates available, we've decided to share the 3 most popular tools whether you are an artist, blog, collective, or a label.

3 Best Tools For Fan Gating Downloads


Hive is one the best download gates on the market, but it currently does not have a free plan right now. With Hive, music producers can easily create contests, polls and collect email addresses. With its social data capabilities, Hive lets its users launch campaigns that give them access to rich contact priles. Music producers can easily deploy campaigns, track results, and organize your contacts on one easy to use platform. Currently, Hive's cheapest plans start at $79 per month.


Hypeddit is one our favorite download gates on the market today. Music producers have the ability to grow their fans on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, MixCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter right from its platform. One thing Hypeddit does that no other download gates fer is the ability to automatically obtain fan comments for each download on SoundCloud and YouTube. Free plans are currently available for the Hypeddit gate, but the premium option is priced well at just $19 per month.


Toneden was one the first download gates in the space. With its friendly social marketing platform, users can create a free account and join over one million creators and businesses that use ToneDen. While ToneDen is leaning more and more towards a Facebook advertising company, Toneden is still one our favorite tools for music producers. While there is a free plan right now to use the Toneden download gates, the basic plan starts at $50.

Best SoundCloud Gate Comparison

Free PlansNoYesYes
SoundCloud ActionsYesYesYes
Follow on SpotifyYesYesYes
Follow on YouTubeYesYesYes
Facebook ActionsYesYesYes
Follow On InstagramYesYesNo
Overall Rating8.88.58.0

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