Beyonce & Former Destiny's Child Member LeToya Luckett Are Still Great Friends

Back before Destiny's Child consisted of just Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams there were two other women named LeToya Luckett and LaTa Robertson who had a moment in the spotlight. As the reports go, LeToya and LaTa were dropped from the group due to manager issues among other things, but despite any drama the women may have had, things look great between LeToya and Beyonce.

LeToya shared a photo on Instagram that sees Bey giving her friend a big hug while feeling her baby bump. "Love. ♥️," she captioned the photo. The ladies have not been spotted together in what feels like years, but being as Beyonce and her husband Jay Z were in Arlington, Texas, for their On the Run II Tour, LeToya took advantage of a special moment. 

“I’m humble to say I have two Grammys. It’s great. I’m so grateful for that experience, to travel the world and do it with my friends. My beef was always with management, not Beyonce. I support all her projects,” LaTa said when she and LeToya were let go in 2000. We wonder of LaTa will be involved in reunion photo anytime soon. 

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