Beyonce’s Gigantic "Homecoming" Statue Has Been Revealed In Germany

Germany's got a thing for Beyonce and they're not afraid to show it. Just a few days after Jay Z has been named hip-hop's first billionaire his wife has received a gigantic statue of her face, unveiled Wednesday at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany.

It's unclear who the artist behind the impressive work is, but the nine-foot piece of work received a round of applause when it was revealed to the lucky attendees. The statue is modeled after Bey's Homecoming: The Live Album where she steadies her crown on top of her head - check it out below.

Speaking of Beyonce, Lizzo recently addressed comments where fans have called her the next Beyonce. 

"But when it's saying Lizzo's the next Beyoncé or Lizzo was the next so and so. Next Missy Elliott. I reject those statements because my whole entire career is about individuality and it is about me, like, being me," she said. "So, how can I be me if I'm the next Beyoncé? I've worked so hard to be Lizzo. It's almost unfair to take Lizzo away from me and put someone else's name on me." 

There is only one Beyonce. 

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