Bhad Bhabie Big Ups Cardi B & Nicki Minaj: "I Like Both, Period"

Coming off the drop of her mixtape introduction, Bhad Bhabie has linked up with Montreality for another one of their solid interviews. The emerging star opened up about a variety of interesting topics, but one of her more heated moments came in the beginning, when she addressed a frustrating hip-hop double standard.

When girls do things, it's like damn I didn't know she could do that. Like when people say it's lowkey fire, if it's fire it's fire just say it, why the f*ck it gotta be lowkey for?" says Bhabie, visibly frustrated; it stands to reason that she's heard it many times, and one has to wonder if people will ever give her appropriate credit."Or when people say for a girl that's crazy, you should say for a person that's crazy cause I know your ass wouldn't do it."

With her rant reaching a passionate apex, she proceeds to bring up one of hip-hop's favourite fan-constructed dichotomies. "Now it's just Nicki or Cardi, you can't even say both because then they be like who do you like more? No bitch, I like both, period." For more from Bhad Bhabie, be sure to peep the interview below. Should you be interested in seeing what she has to offer, brace yourself for the upcoming mixtape. 

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