Bhad Bhabie Shouts Out Kanye West & Travis Scott For A Collab

Bhad Bhabie is on the up and up. Sure many people have questioned her rap come-up, myself included. In all fairness, this might be the last patronizing act at her behest, 'cause her track record is no worse than many rappers twice her age. TMZ caught up with her outside a performance venue. They asked her how felt about selling out shows, her reply: "That's just how it goes."

Bhad Bhabie has reached a point in her career where sold out dates are the expected. Of course that could all come crashing in an instant, but for now Bregoli is reaching for the summit. According to the rapper herself, she is holding out for a collaboration with Kanye West and Travis Scott, the latter seemingly her rap game crush. She did after all pull f the Kylie Jenner switch in her video for "These Heaux."

Bhabie admitted she was skeptical at first, but "Kanye's cool.. now he is.. I think?" were the convoluted words she used to describe her change opinion, before restating her proposition to Travis Scott. The conversation then veered f on the side show rider amenities. The entire TMZ segment took place in front steel barricade separating her from her fans. Peep footage from the show, including an on-stage cameo from singer Pia Mia. 

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