Big Sean Gets Existential While Cooking Up Fire In The Studio

Big Sean is working. The man recently put the kibosh on his upcoming tour in order to properly allocate his time to creating music. As you'll soon find out, time plays an important role in Sean's lifestyle. So much so that Sean Don took it upon himself to play the philosopher, delving into some knowledge-dropping on the existential concept time.  "Time is the currency earth, you give time for money, for happiness, for everything you have," he wrote, Instagram. "You either traded time for everything you have, or you’ve been unwilling to trade time for what u don’t have. What do you put your time into?!"

Clearly, he's got a lot on his mind. One does not simply dive into philosophizing on a whim; small concepts ten stem from larger ones. Perhaps the calming influence Jhene Aiko has him exploring places he'd never thought possible. While some might be quick to accuse Sean being "fake deep," it's good to seem him in a focused mindset, especially after the divisive Double Or Nothing. Now, it would appear he's connected Key Wayne and T-Minus, who seem to be in the process crafting and or mixing some bangers. 

Look at Big Sean's face. That is a man ready for the world. Let's hope his next album comes to define the man he's become. He has all the time in the world. 

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