Bikini Bottom Rave: The New “Shrek Rave” Rendition You Won’t Want to Miss

F is for friends who do stuff together, and the creators of "Shrek Rave" have announced your new favorite pastime: the "Bikini Bottom Rave."

Pull out your striped sweaters and floral swim trunks, Angelenos, because this SpongeBob SquarePants-themed event is floating down to 1720 Warehouse on October 26th. The pineapple under the sea will then make its way over to Manhattan for an edition on December 17th at Webster Hall. 

It's all thanks to the success of Ka5sh's "Swamps Across America," the the event planner's touring Shrek-themed extravaganza that went viral earlier this year. Both 18+ events promise that even though it's dumb, you should just come and have fun. You can even purchase tables with bottle service for the ultimate experience. 

Purchase tickets to the Los Angeles event here and the New York outing here

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Bikini Bottom Rave: The New "Shrek Rave" Rendition You Won't Want to Miss

The SpongeBob-themed event is floating down to L.A. in October.

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