Bill Cosby Will Receive Prison Sentencing This September

Comedian Bill Cosby, who was found guilty on three counts sexual assault, will ficially be handed down his sentence this September. The judge presiding over the case has set the dates September 24th and 25th, when Cosby will learn whether or not he'll be sent to prison. 

Cosby was convicted for drugging and inappropriately touching Andrea Constand in his home, back in 2004. Each the three charges sexual assault that he was found guilty for carries a 10-year sentence, though its likely that he would serve all them at the same time. 

According to USA Today, Cosby currently remains free after paying his $1 million bond, though he is stuck on house arrest, and can only leave to meet with his lawyers or his doctors. 

The judge set two days to tell Cosby the sentencing, as the victim-impact statements could take up more than a full day to hear. As now, 40 women have accused Bill Cosby sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. 

Retired New Jersey superior court judge, Michael Donio, predicts that Cosby will likely be incarcerated, but won't serve the full ten years. He also claims that Cosby's best chance at staying out prison is to argue that his status as a blind 80-year-old would make it too difficult to survive in prison, allowing him to stay under house arrest or on probation.

It was previously reported that the police have already begun to plan for the sentencing, planning an all hands on deck security response in the event any threats on Bill Cosby's life. 

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