Bingo Players and Goshfather Drop One Of 2018's Best Singles Yet – 'Everybody'

Bingo Players and Goshfather have teamed up on a new collaboration called ‘Everybody', and all we have to say it “WOW” because this tune will absolutely get you moving with a smile on your face. The disco inspired single is absolutely captivating. Upon first listen a production style akin to that Daft Punk jumps out immediately.

‘Everybody' is a soulful, funky little tune that perfectly represents the direction both Bingo Players and Goshfather are heading in. Once again we are blown away by the production range Bingo Players. The way he is able to craft a track in just about any subgenre he desires demonstrated his innate skill. This tune is just too good not to listen to immediately. So kick back, relax, and get ready to have your feet moving.

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