Birdman Talks "Messy" Interviews & Explains Why His Nickname Is "Baby"

Los Angeles's Power 106 radio station has welcomed Nick Cannon with open arms as the media mogul is now their daily morning host, and he recently sat down with Birdman when the Cash Money CEO came through for a visit. The pair chatted about a variety of topics, including messy interviews. "I think radio is a hell of a job," Birdman said as he laughed. "Some people take it completely out of context. They very disrespectful and downplay the artist. I think as an artist and as a man, first we men and we humans first. So when the disrespect comes, it's still a line. I think a lot of them crosses that line. I think as a man and as a person, sometimes you gotta step up and check that sh*t...I'm cool 'til you f*ck with me."


Just in case any of you were wondering why Birdman also goes by the moniker "Baby," he said it goes back to his birth. "I was born without a name so my momma just called me baby as a kid,” Birdman said. “I thought that was my real name." Check out what else Birdman had to say about having limited artists on the Cash Money label (can you guess who?) and how he was instrumental in putting Louisiana rap on the map below. 

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