Blac Chyna Loses Her Cool On Paparazzi: "I'm A Black Girl From DC"

The life of a celebrity can be frustrating, to say the least, when little things like running out to the store involve paparazzi following you and snapping photos of your every move. We've seen Kanye West, Shia LaBeouf, and many many more stars lash out at cameramen before and the latest person to add to the list is Blac Chyna. 

In a new video, we see Blac hop out of her car and lash out at a camera guy for approaching her the wrong way. "Cut it the fuck off" she repeatedly tells the guy, adding how she's "not tryna be seen" and describing how she's a "black girl from DC."

"This is why I don't leave my house," she says at one point - check it out below. 

Blac has been dealing with some family woes recently since her mother came out and called Blac a "mistake" and a "statutory rape baby" in a lengthy social media rant. The words apparently devasted Blac, and such reasons and more are probably why she's been opting to stay in. 

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