Black Thought Jokes About Driving With Kanye West In His Trunk On "The Tonight Show"

Matthew McConaughey stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on September 11th, and the actor joined in on the host's usual game play. This time, Fallon decided to try a game of "True Confessions," which revolves around the players telling a story that may be true or fictional. It's up to the rest of the players to decide if the story is true or not. Black Thought joined in on the game, and the three men each told equally entertaining stories. 

First, McConaughey tells a tale about having to throw his baby several feet to his wife to save the child from an angry ram. According to the actor, the ram was angered that McConaughey and his family were blocking the path to his harem, and he had to think fast to get this child to safety. His story ended up being true. Next, Fallon revealed that he docked a ferry full of passengers on his way back from seeing the Statue of Liberty. Although he had never driven a boat before, his story ended up being true as well. 

Lastly, Black Thought claimed that he once shielded Kanye from paparazzi by hiding him in his trunk. The Roots leader continued on to state Common was in the car, and that they were leaving a sneaker store in Los Angeles while heading to the late J. Dilla's old apartment. Although McConaughey falls for the story, Fallon correctly guesses that it is false. Check out Black Thought's hilarious tale below. 

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