Black Thought Weighs In On The Ongoing Pusha T Vs Drake Beef

Black Thought needs no introduction. With Streams Of Thought Vol 1 tiding over fans seeking unrelenting lyricism, the prolific Roots frontman has taken to the press tour. He recently hit up the Hot 97 studio to drop some knowledge on the likes Ebro, Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez, with topics ranging from his new music, his resemblance to Rozay, and course, the ongoing Drake vs Pusha T beef. "I'm definitely paying attention," he admits, when pressed about hip-hop's biggest feud. "I'm able to appreciate a rap beef as much as the next man."

Though Thought has yet to take in Daytona, he did admit to hearing both "Duppy" and "The Story Of Adidon." He did, however, seem wary handing out W's willy nilly, opting to adhere to a criteria-based system merit. Unfortunately, the elaboration is lacking the details his verses; instead, he simply says "he likes both songs for different reasons." When asked about the infamous blackface pictures, Black Thought isn't ready to swing the gavel. "There's always an explanation that makes sense," he says, proceeding to cite Spike Lee's Bamboozled. "I've been in blackface before, there was an explanation for it." 

He also expresses his own opinions about the more personal approach to diss tracks, stating "I'm not the biggest fan the getting so personal, involving children and spouses." Although to be fair, few would be foolish enough to challenge Black Thought in open war.

For more from Black Thought, check out the interview below. Beef talk kicks f around 22:00.

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