Black Woman Loses It On Jewish Man On Subway: You "Think You’re So F*cking Smart"

For all you who drive and enjoy the open road rather than the congested air that comes with riding the subway, consider yourself lucky. A new viral video a morning train ride in New York shows a perfect example what can happen on any given subway in a big city: a yelling match. A Bronx-bound train at 8:53 a.m. last week carried two passengers that found themselves in an argument. The video below doesn't really explain how the exchange started, but from what we can see a Black woman claims she's "schooling" a Jewish man. 

“You said I’m racist so you tell me what I’m being racist towards … because you’re Jewish and I said if a Jewish family got on here, somebody would have got up. That is not a racist statement. That is a factual statement,” the woman yelled in the video. "You need to learn the difference between race … Judaism is not a race. It is a religion.”

The man says the two most fight inducing words, "calm down," and the woman does the opposite. “No, I need to calm down now because I’m schooling your ass,” the woman says. “You guys think you’re so fucking smart, but guess what? I’m gonna teach you a lesson on this fucking train today.”

The woman explains how the Jewish community treats her differently and how they don't rent homes to her. You can hear someone in the background agreeing with the woman as the man remains calm. Check out the video below - what do you guys think?

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