Blood Orange Premieres A$AP Rocky & Project Pat Assisted "Chewing Gum"

Jimmy Kimmel, known in some plug-deprived circles as Jimmy Da Plug, has played the role of facilitator, granting Blood Orange with the stage for a world premiere. Now, with his upcoming Negro Swan album set to arrive on August 24th, Orange has granted the world access to "Chewing Gum," featuring the talents of A$AP Rocky & Project Pat. For posterity's sake, all parties are present and accounted for this time around. The end result is a welcome showing from Dev Hynes' brainchild, and may very well serve to put him on a wider radar.

Blending a hazy atmosphere with a vintage Three 6 aesthetic, the single introduced a melodic vibe, emphasized by the dynamic lighting. While the dulcet tones of Blood Orange seemed to float, Rocky found himself sliding in like an old friend, sounding comfortable over the more experimental soundscapes. It's a testament to Rocky's versatility, and if Testing was any indication, expect plenty more along these lines. Eventually, the instrumental is given in full to Project Pat, who closes things out with a welcome does of Southern Hospitality.

Check the single now, and keep a watchful eye out for that new Blood Orange project, coming soon.

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