Blueface Jokes That He’s "Better Than Pac"

The one and only Blueface has officially scored a Montreality interview, which many have already deemed uncharacteristically lethargic by his usual standards. Still, the conversation is not without a few gems, especially when the sacred subject of 2Pac Shakur is raised by the "Thotiana" rapper. 

Undeniably inebriated, Blueface slowly munches on a granola bar while pondering his next answer. "This gon' be viral though," he points out. "Make sure you don't edit it." Meanwhile, the camera hangs unflinchingly on Blueface's chewing face, capturing the subtle nuance of each crunch. "I'm better than Pac," he boasts, while people in the back start laughing. After a moment, he realizes the danger of such jokes, and backpedals accordingly. "Don't put that in there!" he laughs. "I fu*k with Pac. I used to listen to all his shit." 

While Blueface is indeed joking around, it's clear that invocation of 2Pac remains one of hip-hop's hot button topics. Moreover, it's a surefire way to trigger outbursts of Old Head Energy, thus sparking debate about the new generation's place in hip-hop culture. At this point, mentioning Pac feels like a rite of passage for a budding star, with all eyez rather appropriately falling upon their answer. Do you feel Blueface was out of line for mentioning Pac in such as fashion? Or is he simply playing the game with another masterstroke? Case in point: the existence of this very article. 

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